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Inventory Clerks for Kent




Inventory Compilation

The inventory report provides a detailed and accurate record of the property including photographs.  It includes all fixtures and fittings and contents and is set out in a simple, concise format.


The check-in process ensures that your new tenants are in agreement with the condition of the property and the contents as detailed in the inventory, if necessary amendments are also made at this time.  Meter readings are also taken, the keys are handed over and the inventory is signed and agreed by the tenants to prevent disagreements at the end of the tenancy.

Check Out

The check out takes place at the end of the tenancy and compares the condition at that time with the original signed inventory.  Ideally this should be done in the presence of the tenant as this helps to prevent disagreements when the report is completed.

Interim Inspection

Interim inspections provide a chance for the client to be made aware of any problem in the way that the tenant is using and caring for the property.  It is also an opportunity for the tenant to notify the agent about any necessary repairs which need dealing with.  Such visits, are good practice and contribute to better communication with the tenant.